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Video Murder convictions overturned for 3 Santa Clara deputies in Michael Tyree death, August 2022
Video Testimony ends in Scott Peterson hearing, March 2022
Video Legal analysis: Scott Peterson resentenced, August 2021
Video Legal expert explains: Jury reaches verdict in Derek Chauvin trial, April 2021
Video SLO County to pay $5 million after jail inmate's death | The Tribune. July 27, 2017
Video KTVU Fox 2 News. February 29, 2016
Video Los Gatos Mother Extradited, Will Face Bay Area Judge – NBC Bay Area, October 2021
Video Los Gatos Mother Extradited, Will Face Bay Area Judge, October 19, 2021
Video Bay Area Criminal Defense Attorney on Latest Theranos Trial, September 28, 2021
Video Bay Area Lawyer on Teens Sentenced in Italy Police Officer Killing, May 2021
Video Ex-Inmate Files Complaint Alleging Excessive Force by Deputies at ... January 13, 2016
Video Murder Charged Dismissed Against Doctor. October 8, 2014
Video & Article Matier & Brown: Attorney Paula Canny on Mirkarimi Trial. April 27, 2012
CSN Bay Area
Video Paula Canny talks with Mindi Bach about Greg Anderson and the Barry Bonds verdict. April 13, 2011
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Segment 1: Paula Canny sits with a panel to discuss Scott Dyleski's preliminary hearing.
Segment 2: Paula discusses the effects of abuse in the Cody Posey case.
Segment 3: Paula answers more questions on the Cody Posey trial.
Segment 4: Continued discussion of the Cody Posey trial.
Segment 5: Verdict watch in the Cody Posey Trial.
Segment 6: More discussion of the Cody Posey Trial.
Segment 7: Paula discusses the possibility of jury nullification in the Cody Posey Trial.
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Audio Link Paula Canny, attorney for Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi, spoke to KGO's Christine Craft on Sunday evening. July 10, 2012
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Date Publisher Title
03/01/2022 KRON4 Prosecutors: UFC star shot at alleged molester   (PDF)
08/17/2021 Palo Alto Online Sheriff comes out swinging against county supervisors' allegations of jails mismanagement   (PDF)
08/01/2021 East Bay Times Why scapegoating Sheriff Smith for jail problems is wrong   (PDF)
10/01/2020 KRON4 Scott Peterson case returns to Bay Area courtroom   (PDF)
01/01/2020 KRON4 SFO Commissioner resigns for health reasons in wake of corruption probe   (PDF)
02/19/2019 Mother Jones Jail Is a Terrible Place to Have a Period. One Woman Is on a Crusade to Make It Better.   (PDF)
12/21/2018 Shasta County CBS Channel 12 Lawsuit Demands Shasta County Provide Free Tampons to Female Inmates
12/18/2018 Money Magazine Tampons Are Subject to Predatory Pricing in Jails. Lawyer Paula Canny Is Leading a Crusade to Change That    (PDF)
11/5/2018 KSBY Channel 6 Wife of inmate who died in jail sues San Luis Obispo County
10/21/2018 KTVU Oakland Mayor responds to criticism of police recruit policy
09/21/2018 Mercury News Hospitalized inmate’s family claims Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office mishandled transport
07/24/2018 The Tribune Facing lawsuit, SLO County says it no longer charges jail inmates for tampons
05/2018 Bay News Canny Files Claims over latest death in SLO County Jail
03/1/2018 SLO Times Canny Files Lawsuit against SLO County. Jail charges inmates for tampons. That’s a civil rights violation
01/28/2018 Daily Post County sued over lack of soundproof attorney-client meeting rooms   (PDF)
01/23/2018 San Mateo Journal Paula Canny Sues to Get Interview Rooms Soundproofed and Protect Attorney Client Privilege
07/27/2017 The Tribune SLO County to pay $5 million after jail inmate's death | The Tribune
07/27/2017 KCBX News $5 million settlement for SLO County Jail inmate death | KCBX
07/27/2017 CalCoast News SLO County reaches $5 million settlement in jail torture death
04/14/2017 The Tribune SLO County coroner's report on inmate death under scrutiny | The ...
04/12/2017 KSBY 6 NBC Attorney of family in SLO County Jail inmate death responds to sheriff's statement 
02/27/2017 San Mateo Daily Journal Business on the move: The American Institute of Criminal Law Attorneys
12/09/2016 SF Gate $3.6 million settlement in death of Santa Clara County inmate - SFGate

Dec 9, 2016 - “The family would much rather have their brother than any amount of money. It's the most bittersweet money,” said Paula Canny, an attorney

09/19/2016 ABC 7 News Paula Canny - Lawyers of Distinction

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09/19/2016 ABC 7 News $3.6 million settlement in death of Santa Clara County inmate - SFGate

Dec 9, 2016 - “The family would much rather have their brother than any amount of money. It's the most bittersweet money,” said Paula Canny, an attorney

09/19/2016 ABC 7 News $3.6 million settlement in death of Santa Clara County inmate - SFGate

Dec 9, 2016 - “The family would much rather have their brother than any amount of money. It's the most bittersweet money,” said Paula Canny, an attorney ...

09/19/2016 ABC 7 News HipHop Is Not A Crime | Albert Cobarrubias Justice Project

He had a vigorous attorney on his side – Paula Canny – who defended him passionately. She was sharp, open to community, and an amazing attorney. Paula ...

06/16/2016 The American Spectator Stanford Offender Got a Life Sentence
05/19/2016 SF Bay Times SCOTUS Stats Analysis of the Current Supreme Court by Paula Canny, Esq.
04/26/2016 San Mateo Journal 'I didn’t know why he wanted to help me': Woman at center of housing controversy preps for move, thankful for Robbins' help
04/23/2016 NBC Bay Area Tony Robbins to Save 85-Year-Old Woman from Eviction
04/23/2016 SF Gate Tony Robbins to the rescue, again, in Burlingame woman’s crisis
04/16/2016 San Mateo Daily Journal Evicted woman, 85, facing uncertainty: Georgia Rothrock was roommate of Marie Hatch, 97, who died after being served eviction notice
03/02/2016 SF BAY.ca Santa Clara inmate recounts alleged assault by jail guards
02/29/2016 KTVU Fox 2 News Preliminary hearing begins for deputies accused of beating mentally-ill
02/29/2016 Monterey Herald Prosecutor shows first photos of inmate beaten to death
02/29/2016 CHICOer Live updates: Santa Clara County Jail guard hearing
01/13/2016 NBC Bay Area Ex-Inmate Files Complaint Alleging Excessive Force by Deputies at ...
01/08/2016 Mercury News Claims allege 'conscience-shocking' abuse against mentally ill by ...
01/08/2016 Daily Democrat Claims detail 'conscience-shocking' abuse against mentally ill by jail guards
09/07/2015 KQED News Jailed Santa Clara County Guard Proclaims Innocence in Alleged Murder of Prisoner
09/04/2015 The Guardian Guards arrested a week after inmate died in California jail
09/04/2015 Examiner.com Michael James Tyree: Death of mentally ill inmate by Calif prison guards enrages
09/04/2015 KRON4 Rally held after Santa Clara County jail inmate’s death
09/03/2015 FOX KTVU 2 Three Santa Clara County officers arrested in inmate death
09/03/2015 NBC Bay Area Inmate Killed at Santa Clara County Jail Wasn't Supposed to Be There
09/03/2015 ABC7News.com Inmate Allegedly Killed By Santa Clara County Deputies Died Of Blunt Force Trauma
08/27/2015 Santa Clara County PRESS RELEASE: Office of the Sheriff
12/31/2014 KSBW.com Who killed Gilroy woman Doris Knapp?
10/27/2014 The Hollyweird Times Kris Jenner Better Remember What Happened To Tammy Wynette
10/07/2014 Gilroy Dispatch UPDATED: Murder charge against Gilroy doctor dropped
10/07/2014 San Jose Mercury News Murder Charges to be Dismissed Against Gilroy Doctor
10/07/2014 KRON 4 Murder Charges to be Dropped Against Gilroy Doctor
10/07/2014 Insurance News Net.com Murder Charges to be Dismissed Against Gilroy Doctor
06/22/2014 Opposing Views Police Perform Drug Raid on The Wrong House, Family Now Suing Department
03/15/2013 SF Examiner Defamation Lawsuit Against Ross Mirkarimi, Wife is Dismissed
01/19/2013 KPIX Channel 5 Mirkarimi's San Francisco Neighbors Sue For Defamation
01/19/2013 KCRA Channel 3 Couple in SF Sheriff Domestic Violence Case Sue
01/18/2013 SF Examiner Ross Mirkarimi and Wife Sued for Defamation by Couple Behind Domestic Violence Charges
10/11/2012 The Guardian Lance Armstrong Faces Prospect of Court Battle Over Tour de France Bonus
09/11/2012 SF Examiner Board Vote on Sheriff's Ouster Still Up in the Air
08/20/2012 SF Weekly Ross Mirkarimi Will Probably Appeal Commission's Guilty Ruling
08/17/2012 SF Weekly Ross Mirkarimi: Ethics Commission Says Sheriff is Guilty of Official Misconduct
08/17/2012 ABC Channel 7 Sheriff's Wife Leaves Son in Venezuela
07/16/2012 ABC Channel 7 Mirkarimi Guilty of Misconduct, No Final Recommendation to Supes
06/27/2012 SF Weekly Ross Mirkarimi Hearing: "Ross is a Victim As Well," Wife Claims in E-mail
06/10/2012 SF Examiner Mirkarimi's Wife Wants Mayor Questioned in Release of Bruise Video
09/01/2011 NY Daily News Feds Content With Barry Bonds Obstruction of Justice Conviction, Seek to Dismiss Perjury Counts
06/15/2011 Youth Baseball Drills, Inc. Barry Bonds Baseball Trainder Is Banned From Youth Baseball
03/06/2011 SFGate Barry's Bond? Paula Canny, the Attorney For Barry Bonds Trainer Greg Anderson, Has Two Points to Make
03/4/2011 MLB Clubhouse Barry Bonds Guilty By Association?
2010 ACJustice Project Hip Hop Is Not A Crime - How A Community Beat a Gang Enhancement Charge
10/13/2010 National Enquirer Battle For Tammy Wynette
10/07/2010 Contactmusic .com Tammy Wynette - Wynette's Children Battle Former Friend
02/20/2009 NY Times Prosecutors May Appeal in Bonds' Perjury Case
02/09/2009 SF Weekly Attorney for Bonds' Trainer Sums Up Ahab-Like Prosecution of Slugger as Testosterone-Fueled 'Game of Chicken'
04/04/2008 NY Daily News Tammy Thomas found guilty of perjury
04/05/2008 NY Daily News Feds warming up for Barry Bonds
12/30/2007 NY Daily News Greg Anderson and Brian McNamee: Two trainers, different lives
12/09/2007 NY Daily News Boom times for Greg Anderson
12/07/2007 NY Times With Bonds Set to Appear Today, Former Prosecutor Expects a Trial
11/25/2007 NY Daily News Lawyer blasts government witch hunt for Barry Bonds' trainer, Greg Anderson
11/20/2007 The Modesto Bee Life or death? Peterson will wait for answer
11/20/2007 NY Daily News Greg Anderson faces more jail time, refuses to spill juice on Barry Bonds
11/17/2007 USA Today Bonds' indictment sparks talk throughout baseball
11/17/2007 NBC11.com Bonds Faces 30 Years For Federal Charges
11/16/2007 Herald Tribune Bonds is indicted on 5 felony charges
07/18/2007 MSNBC.com As Bonds nears record, trainer sits in jail: Anderson stands by his friend, even against wishes of court
07/18/2007 KTVU.com Anderson Forgotten Man In BALCO Case
03/29/2007 ESPN.com Anderson remains the quiet man
08/10/2006 NBC11.com Dyleski's Mother Burned Possessions, Withheld Knife
07/21/2006 SF Gate THE GAME'S NOT OVERPROSECUTORS RETRENCH: Trainer gets new subpoena just before being freed
03/14/2006 CBS News Mother Vs. Son: In Murder TrialWoman Charged With Killing Husband Acts As Own Lawyer, Questions Son
06/28/2005 CNN.com Transcripts from Nancy Grace: Discussing Natalee Holloway kidnapping case.
03/28/2005 People

Life on Death Row: Isolation, Desperation, Taunts and Threats—that's What Scott Peterson Can Expect in a Hellish Place That Could Be His Home for the Next 20 Years: San Quentin's Death Row

02/01/2005 O Magazine FINANCIAL FREEDOM: Stop, Thief! By Suze Orman
12/03/2004 SF Gate SHEFFIELD'S SIDE: Slugger testified Bonds told him to use 'the cream' and 'the clear,' saying, 'Don't ask any questions, just trust me'
11/09/2004 courtTV.com Judge removes juror from Scott Peterson's murder trial
10/08/2004 courtTV.com Prosecutors in Scott Peterson's murder trial turn pitiful start into powerful finale
06/04/2004 Oakland Tribune Willis needs long-term rehab plan, not prison, says lawyer
12/03/2003 CNN.com Transcripts from American Morning: Discussing Scott Peterson Trial, Penalty Phase