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Domestic Violence

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Burlingame, CA Attorneys Combat Domestic Violence

Criminal defense to unwarranted charges and family law counsel for victims

Domestic violence is always deeply troubling for all parties involved. The Law Offices of Paula Canny is active in combatting this social problem from both sides: helping alleged perpetrators resolve their cases in our criminal practice and establishing effective protections for victims in our family law practice. Regardless of which side you’re on, you can rely on our 30 years of legal experience and our sincere concern for your situation. Each of our attorneys is dedicated to ensuring that your domestic crisis is resolved on the most favorable terms possible.

Aggressive defense for alleged domestic batterers in San Mateo County

In our criminal law practice we’ve found two types of domestic violence cases: wrongly accused parties and troubled individuals who need help coping with anger issues. For the first group, we do everything to cast doubt on the allegations. We challenge evidence, testimony and circumstances. Often, the allegations come as part of a custody battle, to deliberately discredit a parent with the court and alienate affection from the children. Our domestic violence attorneys fight these deplorable tactics with everything we’ve got.

When it comes to cases where a violent incident has occurred, we work with the court to develop appropriate remedies that address the causes of violent behavior with the goal of restoring the family. The Law Offices of Paula Canny has had great success qualifying our clients for diversion programs that include counseling and community service instead of jail. This is one area where our dedication to helping good people through difficult times really comes into play.

Quick response and personal attention for restraining orders in California

When you and your family are in imminent danger, we can help you secure protective orders in a timely manner. The domestic violence restraining orders available include:

  • Emergency protective orders (EPO) — In response to an incident of domestic violence, a law enforcement officer may request an EPO from a judge at any time of the day or night. EPOs go into effect immediately and last up to seven days.
  • Temporary restraining order (TRO) — A victim of domestic violence may file papers in person with the court. A judge who is satisfied that the victim needs protection will issue a TRO, which is good for 20 to 25 days. The court schedules a hearing to determine whether to issue a permanent order.
  • Permanent restraining order — The person to be restrained has the right to a hearing. Afterwards, the court may issue an order that can last up to three years. At that time, the victim may request a new order.
  • Criminal protective order (“Stay away”) — If a prosecutor has filed criminal charges for domestic violence, the criminal court may issue a protective order while the case is ongoing. If the alleged batterer is convicted or pleads guilty, the criminal protective order may remain in effect for up to three years.

Our Burlingame attorneys fight domestic violence cases for victims and alleged batterers

At The Law Offices of Paula Canny, we’ve seen domestic violence cases from every possible angle, and we’re committed to delivering the legal assistance you need. Trust our concerned attorneys to represent your interests vigorously as we work to resolve your case. Contact us online or call 650.652.7862 to schedule a consultation.