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Criminal Defense Lawyers in Burlingame, CA, Commit to Client Service

Our passion comes through in every case we take

For more than 30 years, The Law Offices of Paula Canny has helped good people through difficult times. As one of California’s most prestigious criminal defense law firms, we’re committed to protecting your rights and working to reduce the consequences of your arrest. We have a record of success in state and federal court, securing acquittals in aggressively prosecuted cases, including California’s first “three strikes” case. Although an acquittal is neither possible nor appropriate in all cases, we make every effort to ensure you are treated fairly and that the court considers every factor that argues in your favor. When you choose Paula Canny for your criminal defense, you get representation that is:

  • Aggressive — We diligently attack every aspect of the prosecution’s case against you
  • Effective — Our holistic approach to criminal defense gets consistently favorable results
  • Helpful — We do more than offer the best legal counsel possible, we provide the emotional support you need to weather your crisis

The Law Offices of Paula Canny is ready to defend you from any state or federal charge, including:

  • DUI — We protect your license and your reputation with an aggressive DUI defense
  • Violent crimes — Our experience with violent crime defense includes everything from simple assault to capital murder
  • Drug crimes  — From marijuana DUI to trafficking, we protect your rights in drug prosecutions
  • Domestic violence— We represent targets of restraining orders and criminal complaints for domestic abuse
  • Juvenile adjudications — We represent minors accused  of juvenile crime in delinquency hearings

Holistic approach to criminal defense drives fair resolutions

At The Law Offices of Paula Canny, our passion for justice compels us to explore every avenue for resolving a case favorably. That process starts with exhaustive preparation where we explore every aspect of the case — the event, the causes, the person accused, the state’s evidence — to find areas that we can develop to our client’s advantage. We exploit any weaknesses we find in the prosecution’s case and put forth mitigating factors that might lead to reduced charges or a decision not to prosecute. Our thorough, independent investigation often allows us to limit the damage to our client, but when negotiations do not yield a fair result, we are confident in our ability to secure justice at trial. Our record in high-profile, high-stakes criminal trials has made us one of the most respected criminal defense firms in the state of California.

Helping Burlingame clients with civil litigation

Our Burlingame practice has grown to encompass civil litigation as well. We represent plaintiffs in personal injury cases. We also apply our court skills to administrative hearings, family law disputes, and estate and probate litigation.

Contact a Burlingame criminal defense law firm with the passion to protect your rights

The Law Offices of Paula Canny provides aggressive and effective criminal defense representation throughout California. Find out how our holistic approach to case preparation can protect your rights. Call 650.652.7862 or contact our Burlingame office online to schedule a consultation.