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Criminal Defense

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Burlingame Criminal Defense Law Firm Fights Aggressively for Justice

Holistic approach protects your rights and creates opportunities for fair resolutions

For more than 30 years, criminal defense attorney Paula Canny has provided dedicated legal services to good people going through difficult times. Taking the holistic approach that Paula developed throughout her career, The Law Offices of Paula Canny fights aggressively for the rights of accused persons throughout California. Our strategy is to attack the prosecution’s case aggressively to expose any weaknesses we can exploit for our client’s benefit, while building a persuasive case for mitigation based on our client’s character and the circumstances surrounding the alleged event. By going on the offensive, our firm has had great success. Here are just a few examples of our strategies:

  • Raising reasonable doubt sufficient to acquit our client
  • Weakening the case against our client so much that the prosecution reduced or dropped charges
  • Persuading the court that mitigating factors argued in favor of clemency

Although not every case provides the opportunity to clear an accused person of charges, our firm searches relentlessly for any elements that might help us favorably resolve each case we undertake.

Burlingame, CA, criminal law firm fights for your best possible result

The Law Offices of Paula Canny is ready to represent you anywhere in California on state or federal charges that include:

  • DUI — We provide aggressive DUI defense to protect you from the loss of your license, jail time and fines. We capably manage felony accident cases where a third party was seriously injured or killed.
  • Violent crimes — We have tried various violent crimes in cases ranging from misdemeanor assault to capital murder. Paula is nationally recognized as a death penalty opponent.
  • Drug crimes — We manage drug cases from simple possession to trafficking. Paula is known for her work advocating alternatives to incarceration for drug users.
  • Domestic violence— We represent alleged abusers in hearings for restraining orders and in criminal assault cases.  Whenever possible, our goal for domestic violence cases is the eventual reunification of the family.
  • Juvenile adjudications — Representing youthful offenders in juvenile proceedings, we work tirelessly to reach a result that is in the minor’s best interests.

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The Law Offices of Paula Canny fights aggressively for the rights of accused persons in San Mateo County and throughout California. Put our proven holistic approach to work on your behalf. Contact us online or call 650.652.7862 today to schedule a consultation.